Catholic Veiling? – My Two Cents

I don’t get why there is so much debate about this. If the Church says that women can choose to veil or not, then WHY are we going on and on about whether women ought to veil or not?

Here is my point: If the Church says it is an OPTION, then that NEGATES the OUGHT.

Get it?

Yes, ok, you have become more virtuous after you have started veiling. Good for you. But the fact remains that the Church has made it an option, and the Church has the authority to say what is and is not, NOT you.

If veiling is absolutely good for all women, and not veiling is absolutely bad, then Jesus would NOT allow the Church to make it an option. Please stop talking about how Vatican II did this and that. The fact remains that this option is now in effect, and unless we start believing that the Church after Vatican II deliberately wants to hurt us, we must stop this bickering.

Think of it this way. If a doctor knows that nutritious food is absolutely good and abstaining from it will necessarily result in bad consequences, he will NOT make it an option.

One good thing about our Catholic faith is it gives us lots of options so we can customize our efforts towards holiness. It’s like the way people customize their fitness regimes in their efforts towards fitness. If someone really likes Richard Simmons style aerobics and old-fashioned dumbbell workouts, and is making lots of progress with these regimes, then WHY for the love of biceps do we have to insist that he do crossfit and calisthenics instead?

As Catholics, we can choose our own devotions: rosary, the various chaplets, daily prayers to the various saints, etc. Everyone must decide what s/he needs to achieve holiness. If someone doesn’t want to pray the rosary daily and focuses on something else, that’s his decision. You can tell him about the advantages of the rosary, but that’s it! No bullying, no self-righteous comments, no nothing if he still decides to not pray it. Who knows? Maybe he’s infinitely holier than you. You can’t know, so don’t judge.

So, before I go on and on. If I don’t want to veil, that’s my option. Women who veil are not necessarily holier than the women who don’t veil. A woman who does not veil COULD be holier than a woman who does.

Maybe the woman who veils prays for an hour daily, but the woman who doesn’t veil prays for three hours daily, and she prays better and with more love than the woman who veils. Who knows? You can’t know. So shut up.


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