We, the Victims of Injustice

We, the victims of injustice, grieve too much; and to those who say we must live out our Christian beliefs by forgiving our transgressors we say things like, “You don’t know how hard it is!” or “Let’s see what you’ll do if you’re the victim!”

Yes, yes. We always feel as if no one in the world understand our sufferings, or if the others have been victims of injustice too, we say things like, “It’s different in your case,” or “It wasn’t that bad for you.”

Really? An injustice is an injustice, and while some may not feel as hurt as others, a hurt is a hurt. Someone was sinned against, and someone had sinned against someone else.

Once, I had said to God, “I am a victim of injustice! What these people have done to me and are continuing to do to me are unjust! Why should I tolerate these stupid and irrational people daily? Why is my life intimately connected with theirs? I must separate from them. This is not just!”

And God replied, “Imagine how I feel. I am the first victim of injustice! And unjust actions against me continue daily.”

That shut me up, but God wasn’t done yet. He said, “And about tolerating stupid and irrational people, and wanting to be detached from them because your connection is unjust, imagine how your guardian angel, greatly superior in intelligence compared to you, feels when you become stupid and irrational because of sin? Does he cry out to Me, ‘Release me, O Lord, from my intimate connection with this foul creature!’ – for is he not a victim of injustice too, namely the unjust pairing of the greatly superior with the greatly inferior?”

After hearing these admonitions, I was ashamed. If I wish to enter heaven, I must be like its inhabitants – and I am still very, very, very far from being like God and His angels.


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