The Courtship of Progressives: When Social Mores Take the Place of God’s Moral Laws

Instead of social mores and culture, we must have a healthy sense of the horribleness of sin. Take for example that classic advice given by conservative parents to their daughters: “Nobody will buy the cow if they can get the milk for free.” Since this saying was invented, has anybody ever stopped to point out that this is a very horrible piece of advice? First, it assumes that women are only valued for their ‘milk.’ If so, what happens when their ‘milk’ dries up? Second, it assumes that those who get the ‘milk’ for free aren’t doing anything wrong at all.I won’t elaborate on this. I’m sure you know what I’m saying.

The problem with this kind of advice is it focuses on social mores and culture, specifically that cows ought not to give their milk for free, rather they must make someone buy them first. When the above objections are given by smart aleck ‘free milk activists,’ what can be given as a retort? A retort can be that society demands that cows follow the social mores because otherwise society fails in many aspects. But that’s what the ‘free milk activists’ specifically want, right? They want to destroy the old society and create a society with totally new rules all in the name of progress.

Blah, blah, blah. We all know what they mean by ‘progress.’

I’m not trying to prove my moral superiority to these people because, to my shame, I used to be one of them. Since I used to be an insider in the ‘progressive’ movement, I understand what drives them and why they hate the old. Generally speaking, progressives think like they do not because they do not know the supernatural (in the correct Catholic sense, not the paranormal and occult stuff). To them, the whole of reality is only at the level of the natural; hence they can only make sense of the 10 Commandments as practical guidelines. For example, they think that religion exists to make believers feel good about themselves, and moral laws exist to cement a society together, etc. This is why donating money to charity makes sense to them, but chastity, mortification, celibate life, rejection of abortion, and many other Catholic beliefs and practices do not.

Given these facts, how can we reach out to progressives?

We must remember that Christian standards do not make sense in the world, and Christian morality does not make sense without Christ, because the Christian religion is not morality for the sake of practicality like feeling good about oneself or seeking a basis for cementing society together, but for the sake of God. As long as progressives do not know who God is, they will never get the point.

I speak from experience. The best way to destroy the progressives is not through apologetics about abortion, divorce, or whatever issue is hot right now (though I’m not saying that we ought not continue with that). Rather, the best way is to introduce God to them. Make them fall in love with God. That was how I was conquered – through a courtship.

All right! That’s easy to say, but how do we go about this actual courtship? Here are some tips when dealing face to face with the progressives in your lives:

First, pray specifically that God will introduce Himself to these people and give them the grace to not reject Him. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is a great prayer, but obviously you can choose other prayers. Pray without ceasing because a true lover loves without ceasing. You can also offer up your sufferings, etc.

Second, be in love with God as a beloved is in love with his lover. When a beloved knows that he is loved, everything changes, and life, no matter how arduous, becomes sweet. There is a skip in his step and people can’t help but notice and become curious what drug he’s on. There will come a time when God will move a progressive in your life to ask you about this Divine love you’ve got going on.

Third, being in love with God doesn’t mean you must always force others to listen to you talk about this. Nothing puts off a progressive more than this kind of talk. Why? Because at bottom progressives hate Christianity and everything connected to Christianity. Whether they know it or not, and whether they admit it or not, Christianity is what they wish to destroy. (More on this later) Forcing someone to listen to something they hate will only intensify this hatred.

Wait a minute! If we’re not supposed to force others to listen to us talk about God’s love, then how should we court the progressives? Go back to tip #2. You have to wait for God to send them to you. Only God can break down the hatred in a progressive’s heart, softening it a bit so as to allow him to not automatically reject truth once it is shared. Meanwhile, you can speed up the process by doing tip #1.

Fourth, be in love with your neighbor. Courting a person with a frown on your face will only result in failure; likewise, treating the courtship like a chore. When a suitor is rejected by his beloved for a date, he doesn’t get angry at her and says, ‘Your loss not mine,’ instead, he does some other act of love. Also, when a suitor really loves his beloved, he keeps on regardless how long the courtship process takes.

In other words, we can conquer the progressives through love. Our courtship of them is not a holier-than-thou thumbing up of our pious noses at their sinful souls, rather it is a patient act of love done for God’s sake because our Catholic faith teaches that the more saints there are, the more God is glorified, and the more God is glorified the happier we will all be for all eternity.


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