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Quick Check: How Detached are You Really?

Here is a quick check to know whether you are really detached from the world or not. (This applies only to those in a state of grace.)

Imagine that the end of this world is happening right now, and by ‘right now’ I mean right now: in the middle of planning your wedding, in the middle of saving up for your new car/house/whatever, in the middle of your efforts to achieve that desired promotion, in the middle of waiting for the brownies to bake, etc.

Without thinking about it too much, how would you feel and what would you do?

Will you be glad and rejoice? Will you gladly drop everything you are doing and say, ‘Yes! Finally! We’re going to be with God!’

Or …

Will you be sad and disappointed? Will you say to God, ‘Wait a minute! What about my wedding? I’ve been planning this for months! All my efforts for nothing!’

Don’t cheat. Admit to yourself what truly comes to mind. If you said the first, then whoopee! Rejoice for you know that you are truly detached from this world. You understand that everything we do in this life is for the next.

If you said the second, perhaps you need to make some changes in your life. Pray for poverty of spirit, do self-mortification, meditate on your supernatural end.


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