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I’m Catholic, But I Have LGBT Friends

I’m Katie, a Catholic, but I have LGBT friends.

I’m not the first person to say this statement, but I want to say it NOT because I want to prove that you can be a good Catholic and support the LGBT lifestyle but because saying this statement and meaning it is a core belief of Catholicism. In fact, the first person to say this wasn’t the cool, merciful, compassionate and loving modern-day Christian who thinks that loving LGBTs means accepting their lifestyle. Nope. The first person who walked on Earth to say this statement was Jesus.

Jesus was the first person who walked on Earth to say “I have sinner friends.” He spoke to them when everybody ostracized them. He invited them to dine with Him. Heck, He even invited them to be His disciples and later gave them important roles to fill in His church.

But that doesn’t mean Jesus accepted their sinful lifestyles. He didn’t say to the adulteress, “I’ve forgiven you. Go and sin again. It’s ok because I love you and accept your adulterous lifestyle.” Likewise, He didn’t say to the sinful disciples, “Ok, you guys, you’re all sinners, but that’s ok because I love you and I accept your sinful lifestyle.”

Being someone’s friend means loving that person, and loving that person means doing what is good for him, even if it results in pain for the both of you. That might mean loving your LGBT friend from afar. While everyone else is attending your LGBT friend’s homosexual wedding, and giving toasts and indirectly saying “We accept your LGBT lifestyle,” you, the true friend, remain at home. You pray and do penances for your LGBT friend’s conversion. If you do this, you are the true friend, because while everyone else is leading your LGBT friend to hell, you’re trying to the opposite.

So, let’s start again.

I’m Katie, a Catholic, and I have LGBT friends, liar friends, adulterous friends, fornicator friends, lustful friends, prideful friends, murderer friends, rapist friends, gluttonous friends, angry friends, traitorous friends …

Just like Jesus.


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