A Message to Former Catholics

Did you try to understand all the teachings of the Church as best as you can? Did you read the Catechism? The Papal encyclicals? The works of the saints? The works of Catholic apologists?

Did you avoid mortal sin? Did you go to confession regularly?

Did you try to understand the mass and its importance?

Did you worthily receive the Eucharist often?

Did you pray the Catholic prayers often? Did you savor the words and tried to understand the meanings?

Did you avoid the sin of passive scandal?

Did you fast and abstain during the required days?

Did you do penance and mortification?

Did you regularly meditate?

If you didn’t do all of the above, then you don’t have the right to say that you left the Catholic Church for the true religion because you don’t even know what the Catholic Church is all about.

Yes, yes! You think you know, but you don’t. If you didn’t follow the doctor’s advice, don’t blame her for your continued illness. If you didn’t listen to your teacher, don’t blame him for your ignorance.


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