Life and Culture

Some Funny Thoughts on Surviving Lent

Ok, we’re supposed to take Lent seriously, but sometimes the situation becomes humorous when we try to adjust our lifestyles and diets to the Lenten rules on abstinence and fasting. Here are some of the thoughts which have crossed my mind in preparation for Lent:

  • Thank God coffee and milk are allowed while fasting, or else I would never survive the “no snacks” rule.
  • No meat on Fridays? Let’s try vegan “meat.”
  • Fasting on Fridays? For the one main meal, let’s eat something that sticks to our ribs. High fiber and high (veggie) protein meals, yes!
  • Sundays are now the official cheat days.
  • Before Ash Wednesday, I must eat a Whopper.
  • If a meat dish to be served on Saturday must be prepared beforehand on Friday, how to check the taste? Taste, spit, rinse mouth. Repeat if necessary.
  • What am I going to give up for Lent? YouTube.

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