The Humility of Preachers

It is easy to say God says this and that, but how can we be sure? Is the criterion for truth our emotions? When we feel that what we believe is true, then is it true? But if people of different religions say they feel that their religion teaches the truth, how do we know which is the truth?

Or could the correct criterion be logic? If we can present the logical structure of our religious beliefs and prove that every truth supports each other in a logical way, then is our religion true? But if most religions can say this of their beliefs, then which is the truth?

I think the correct criterion for truth is humility. We must remember that we are not the authors of truth. We can only receive the truth from God. Thus, we who share ideas must constantly pray for humility.

Here is my prayer, but feel free to use your own words:

Dear Sir (yes, I call God ‘Sir’), if my ideas are not Your ideas, destroy them. Never allow me to spread my false ideas to others lest I cause them to move away from You. Please take away everything that takes me away from You. Perfect me. Make me Your exceptional servant, but not more than a servant, for to cease to be Your servant is to cease to have You.


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