The Eucharist = Love Feeds Me

Holy Mother Church teaches us that God is self-sacrificing love, the kind of love which is unconditional and absolute, which will die for us without asking for anything in return.

Holy Mother Church also teaches that the Eucharist is God. That tiny wafer IS God. God feeds us and sustains us.

If the Eucharist is God and God is self-sacrificing love, then every time we receive the Eucharist we are receiving Love! Love sustains us! Love feeds us! We are kept alive by Love!

Think about that every time you go to mass, and every time you line up to receive the Eucharist, and every time you are about to commit mortal sin which prevents you from receiving the Eucharist.

Just drop everything you’re doing right now and think about that for a while. Make your mind explode! Make your heart explode! Scream!

The Eucharist is awesome!


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