Against the Illogical

Recently, I had a long spat discussion with someone who didn’t believe in the Trinity on YouTube. Ok, ok. It isn’t a good idea to start discussions on YouTube, but it happened. Lesson learned. He (I assume he is male) isn’t very smart, and I found myself saying things like ‘It doesn’t make sense to ask where in the Bible is the implied proof for the Trinity due to the definition of “implied.”’

As it went on and on, I finally started thinking about how we must deal with illogical people who are unable to follow logical arguments. Should we be emotional and start hurling insults? I hope not. Should we keep on presenting arguments even if we know the other is unable to appreciate them? I think not, but I made that mistake anyway because I gave him the benefit of the doubt.     I had hoped that he might start thinking logically, but I had to stop when it was obvious to me that he didn’t even understand what ‘implied’ means. To keep arguing would not accomplish anything other than boost my ego for defeating an idiot over a YouTube spat discussion. Of course, that would never go anywhere because he was trying to achieve the same.

Thus, I gave a summary of my points and told him he can have the last say. He’ll probably brag about the fact that he defeated yet another Catholic idiot. Never mind. What does it matter? Ultimately (for me anyway) the discussion should be about sharing the truths of the Holy Trinity. I cannot force him to accept this truth, but at least I tried.

What I can do for him is to pray for him that he may understand and accept the truth. We Christians will always be insulted and our truths will not always be everybody’s cup of tea, so we dust our sandals – or wipe our keyboard tapping fingers – and move on, praying for and hoping for and loving even those annoying people who do not know what ‘implied’ means.


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