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This World which is Fading Away

When I was younger, I used to dye my hair and put on nail polish. I used to wear elaborate make-up even if I was only going to school or work. While I had fun doing those activities, it always bugged me that the hair dye, nail polish and make-up never lasted.

All right, so the hair dye lasted for about a month, the nail polish for about a week and the make-up for about 4 to 8 hours depending on the weather; but why couldn’t they last forever? Why couldn’t something which made me look more attractive last forever?

This sounds like something only an immature spoiled brat would say. Once these things faded, I could put more on. Isn’t that the way things in this world worked? Still, the fact that things faded away bugged me. Other people didn’t understand why this fact bugged me, and neither did I. All I knew was I wanted something that lasted forever (or at least for longer than a month).

Recently, before leaving to go somewhere, I saw my house as something quite alien to me. We are all very familiar with our homes so it is difficult to see them objectively, as something separate from us and as something which, should we need to move elsewhere, we would not be able to take with us. So it was with quite a shock that I saw my house like that. During those few, quick seconds, I saw my house as just as house, as a dwelling which could be anyone’s dwelling. It was only one structure among many in my neighborhood. It was nothing but a house which, at the end of time, will crumble and fade away.

As I travelled to my destination, I continued to see buildings along the road like I saw my house. They were just buildings. They will also crumble and fade away.

In the succeeding days, this question popped in my mind: Does it make sense to invest in a world that is fading away?


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