Loving the Unlovable

Christians are called to love, not to be loved.

This is something that is easy to say but difficult to do especially if we are called to love the unlovable.

I’m not just talking about the sick and disfigured, or the homeless people who stink. I’m talking about people who are full of hate for you and who do despicable things.

Before my conversion, I used to ask myself this question: How can you love the unlovable?

If you remain a human with human limitations, this is impossible. But Christians are not supposed to remain human. We are supposed to become like God. We must follow His example and love even those who are unlovable.

Can you imagine if God refused to love the unlovable? I’m sure most of you will say you are all loveable so there’s nothing you need to worry about, but is that really the case?

What about the time you gravely sinned? What about the time you deliberately hurt someone you love? What about the time you became selfish? Can you honestly say that if you are sinners and you hurt other people and you are selfish then you are still loveable?

But even if you sin and sin again, God still loves you.

We who are unlovable are always going to be loved by God.

We who are children of God are called to be like God. It’s not easy, and many people who are not Christians will call us stupid for forgiving and loving our enemies, but with the grace of God it is possible.

So, whenever you are tempted to stop loving someone whom you consider despicable or who has sinned against you, or whenever you are tempted to hate someone, or whenever you are tempted to stop caring, ask yourself this question: What if God did the same and stopped loving this sinful world?

Isn’t that a scary thought?


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