Is God a Delusion?

A delusion is a strong belief in something despite evidence to the contrary – or should I say, in God’s case, despite a lack of strong evidence of His existence. To say that God doesn’t exist because there is a lack of evidence that He does is actually a fallacy. Just because there is no evidence that something exists doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

But people who support the God delusion claim that there is evidence proving that God doesn’t exist. This evidence is science. If we can explain how the universe works and how it can come from nothing, then that proves that God doesn’t exist.

I suppose that sort of argument will make some people begin to doubt God’s existence, but that will only happen because they have a limited understanding of who God is. If they really knew who God is, then they will understand that arguments from science don’t necessarily refute God’s existence.

The Catholic belief is God is not a being in the universe; rather, He is the very reason the universe exists. Thus, even if science shows that it can explain how the universe came about, even if science can finally explain everything there is to know about the universe, all that knowledge still would not refute God’s existence precisely because God isn’t in the universe.

That might be a bit difficult for some people to understand, but that just proves how great God is; i.e. He is greater than our human minds can possibly imagine.

The easier way to try to understand this great concept is to ask why the universe exists at all. Indeed, it might be argued that when discussing the problem of God’s existence, the question we should ask is not ‘How did our universe come into being?’ or ‘How did something come from nothing?’ but ‘Why did our universe come into being?’ or ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’

Too many scientists are quick to pooh-pooh this question by claiming that it isn’t important, or else they say it’s up to individual people to determine why this universe exists. And then there are some who say ‘Because there just is and there is no reason why it exists.’ Obviously, that isn’t a real answer.

If only people stop to meditate on the question ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ I think the whole world will come to the understanding that God exists. Unfortunately, it is always possible – and perhaps easier – to think like the Buddhists and claim that that question is not important. Why waste your time trying to answer something that isn’t answerable?

BUT it is answerable! Catholic theology has answered that question.

I’m not going to discuss what this answer is and whether it is acceptable or not because that’s not what I really want to say in this post. What I really want to point out is this: Science cannot prove or refute God’s existence because it is of the universe whereas God is not in the universe.

Thus, for all the atheist scientists’ smugness, their greatest work still will not disprove God’s existence. For the sake of argument, we can ask: ‘What will disprove God’s existence?’

I think the one definite proof for God’s non-existence is evil without the relief of good. That is, pure evil without any hope. A world of selfish beings who use and abuse each other for no other reason than pure hate, a world of pure ugliness where there is no beauty whatsoever, an unintelligible world with no order, a world where there is nothing to like.

Do not think that this world is like a war-torn country or an area struck by natural calamity. In such places, there is still some bit of good and beauty. In the middle of hardships, people still try to help other people, and, despite the harshness of a blood-soaked battlefield or a flooded city or roads wrecked by an earthquake, there is still some bit of beauty left in such a world even if it only comes from the yellow light of the sunrise or a lone surviving plant.

Do not think that this world is like Stalin’s Soviet Union or Pol Pot’s Cambodia. After all, these so-called ‘evil’ men were still striving to achieve what they considered to be good, i.e. their brand of communism.

No, the completely evil world is a world where nothing is desirable, nothing is good and nothing is beautiful.

That’s rather difficult to imagine, isn’t it?

I will say that the God delusion is a delusion. God is truth, goodness and beauty, and so even if the atheist scientist doesn’t realize it, he is delighting in God when he delights in the truths of science, in the goodness which science brings to other people, and in the beauty of the universe.

Further, God is love; and if love is seeking the good of the other without necessarily having regard for the self, then even atheist scientists express love because they try their hardest to prove to others that religion is a stupid belief all in the quest to help other people have better lives.

You see, God is so great He can even use atheism for his purposes. This is part of the Catholic belief. God allows evil because He can use it to bring about the good.

I will dare to say that we are on track in the progress of human history. Atheist scientists exist because we need to clarify who God really is. Ultimately, God is in control here, and I think He has allowed these beliefs to spread so we can finally eradicate false understandings about religion.


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