Against the Muslims In Defense of the Holy Trinity

I am found of watching YouTube videos picked at random. Sometimes I watch videos about religion, sometimes hour long lectures about philosophy, sometimes documentaries about history or current events. A few weeks ago, I happened to click on a video about a woman explaining why she believes in God. I thought she is a Christian but she turned out to be a Muslim. In her video, she explained that she used to be a Christian but became a Muslim because, among other reasons, she never believed that there are 3 Gods. There is only 1 God.

She is, of course, referring to the Holy Trinity. Immediately I thought she converted to Islam because she did not understand what Christians really believe in. In the comments section, people pointed out that the Trinity is not 3 Gods, but 1 God with 3 persons.

I wondered about this reasoning by the Muslims. Apparently, at least from the YouTube videos promoting Islam, many Muslims use the Trinity to prove that Christianity is a false religion or at least an incorrect one with regards to what and who God is. They say, “3 Gods = 1? How can that be?” I can’t help but feel annoyed at this sometimes.

Let me clarify that I am not against Islam or Muslims who share their beliefs in the hope that it will make others convert to Islam. What I am against is using an incorrect understanding of a religion to prove that it is false or incorrect. Christians do not believe in 3 Gods. The Holy Trinity is not a trio of Gods. Of course, this is a complex idea which I do not plan to explain here. I myself do not have an adequate understanding of the Holy Trinity to be able to explain it well to someone who is unfamiliar with it. This is not to say that someone – Muslim or otherwise – who says “How can 3 Gods be equal to 1 God?” will easily change my mind about what I believe in. I understand the Holy Trinity enough to accept it but not well enough to explain it properly.

Attacking the idea of the Holy Trinity as polytheism is, I think, disrespectful because it does not attempt to understand what the other side really believes in. This is, I think, similar to the way some Christians believe that hijab and polygamy are proofs that Islam considers women to be inferior to men and use that to recruit believers into their fold.

Also, just because you find it difficult to understand something doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong. I’m sure many of us do not understand astrophysics but we don’t dismiss it as a pseudo-science. In the same way, I don’t understand how some Muslim women can stand being a co-wife with someone else, but I don’t use that to point out that Islam is a false belief. What I am pointing out here is we should avoid fallacious arguments when trying to convert other people to our beliefs.

I hope that Muslims stop disrespecting the Christian belief about the Holy Trinity and that Christians stop disrespecting the Muslim belief about hijab and polygamy. Again, I am not against people who are trying to convert others to their religion. What I am against is the incorrect and possibly disrespectful way of doing it.

So once again, please, if you have converted to Islam and are proud of it, then be proud of it, BUT please stop trashing the Holy Trinity just because it does not make sense to you, or because you do not understand it. The Holy Trinity is a complex idea. Don’t trivialize it by saying “How can 3 be equal to 1?” then say “Therefore Islam is the truth!”

I might as well say, “Why is Jesus, not Mohammed, coming back at the end of time? Doesn’t this prove that Jesus is superior to Mohammed? Therefore the Church which Jesus created is superior to your church!”

Even if this argument is supposedly for my religion, I need to reject it because the argument is a big stinking pile of animal crap. Muslims will probably say something like “No, no, no! You don’t understand. See, it’s like this …”

Aha! So do you see now where I’m coming from?

We don’t have the right to argue against something we do not fully understand. If this were a philosophy class, you’d get booed for not reading about the Holy Trinity enough and ending up with a fallacious argument.

I don’t want stupid people to convert to Catholicism on the basis of a stupid argument, and neither should Muslims wish stupid non-Muslims to convert to Islam on the basis of their lack of understanding about the Holy Trinity.


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