I am a Happy Soul in the Middle of the Dark Tunnel

The beginning of the dark tunnel is easy because I’ve got an abundance of courage and I’ve cheered myself to believe I can do anything I put your mind to. I haven’t experienced the hardships yet but I know I can overcome them with a strong will.

The end of the dark tunnel is easy too because I can see the light at the end and though I’m tired, I know that the end is near. I just need to make a little more push and I’ve succeeded.

The middle of the dark tunnel is the hardest because after several hardships, my initial courage might have lessened a bit. I’m at the darkest point of my travels making it difficult to know if I’m near the end or still very far away.

Still, I listen to my intuition. I pray to God for guidance and strength and ask that he not put a challenge before me which I can’t overcome. I am tired and scared, but overall, because I know God is beside me, I am a happy soul. God is like the teacher who says, “Try doing this. Go on. I know you’re ready. I’ve taught you and I know what you are capable of.”


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