The Supposedly Intelligent Filipino Leftist

This is why I hate the supposedly intelligent Filipino leftists:

“(There are a lot of middle-class people in Facebook) who pretend and flaunt they have a heart for the poor and powerless of history! Yes, you can squat but squat where I can’t see you! Yes, squat but pick a lot where traffic is not a problem! Yes, squat please, but ask the owners first! Squat but it should not threaten my private property! Such middle class hypocrisy! We are all squatters in this world. The resources of this planet are morally to be enjoyed by all and not by a handful of real estate developers and land grabbers who think they own the planet! When these insatiable capitalists demolish shanties, it’s called DEVELOPMENT. When the poor fight back, it’s called lawless violence.” How about the middle class, where do you stand?”
– Prof. Gerry Lanuza

The middle-class answer is very sarcastic: “Please squat in my backyard or inside my house if you wish. Eat all my food. And in the same way, ALL people, including the very poor and hungry, should share their resources because everything on this Earth is owned by everybody. Squatters who have already settled somewhere for a while should allow newcomers to share their shanties and their food because the latter need these resources the most.”

This is unnatural. Anyone who observes human nature will understand that this kind of primitive communism can only work in small groups.This kind of arrangement cannot work for larger communities like the whole country. People are motivated to work for themselves and for the people they love. If they are forced to work for other people they have no personal relation to, just because these people are more needy, then they will lose the motivation to work.

My gripe with leftists in this country is most of them don’t give intelligent arguments for their views. It’s always an angry shout. Impressionable young people think they’ve found their passion in life, then fight for the leftist cause, then realize (consciously or unconsciously) that it’s all bullshit when they graduate.

They say if you’ve never been an activist in college you don’t have a heart, and if you’re still an activist after college you don’t have a brain. I was never an activist in college because I’ve used my brain ever since I was conscious, and my heart follows my very rational mind.


5 thoughts on “The Supposedly Intelligent Filipino Leftist

  1. Putanginang ratioality ng human civilization yan! Nagbunga ng kahirapan, katangahan, paghihirap ng madami sa kamay ng iilan. Is this civilization even sane?

    1. Ang mga taong katulad mo ay puro emosyon lang. Puro galit. Hindi tayo dapat maging Rambo. Hindi makatotohanan si Rambo. Ang makakaresolba sa mga problema natin ay hindi galit tulad ng pinakita ni Lanuza. Pansin ko kasi karamihan sa mga leftists natin puro galit pero pag tiningnan mo ang argumento madaling tibagin. Kumbaga sa combat, Rambo lang, puro pa-macho, walang tactics, hindi pinag-isipan ang strategy.

  2. before posing theses arguments, sana naranasan mo muna maging mahirap at mahalin ang kapwa tao mo. hindi pa ito sa level na dahil galit ka lang kay gerry lanuza. sa level pa ito na wala kang puso sa mga mahihirap at mga api, lalo na sa mga taong ipinaglalaban ang kanilang karapatan!

    1. Paano mo nasabing hindi ko pa naranasang maging mahirap at mahalin ang kapwa tao ko? Paano mo nasabi na wala akong puso? Mahirap kasi pag puro emosyon lang. Naiintindihan ko na madaling magalit pag nahihirapan ka, pero pag hindi ka na galit at tinitingnan mo kung ano ang dapat gawin, tama ba ang sinabi ni Lanuza?

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