My Complete Education through Quotable Quotes

I always happen to find the most beautiful quotable quotes from various sources, and here combined they provide lessons every young writer should hear.

 To help us determine if we are gifted or not at all

From an Introduction to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina by Malcolm Cowley:

Genius is vision, often involving the gift of finding patterns where others see nothing but a chance collection of objects. … Genius is also a belief in oneself and the importance of one’s mission, without which the energy is dissipated in hesitations and inner conflicts.

To remove our fears while writing manuscripts which may end up rejected

From Erich Fromm’s The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness:

To have faith means to dare, to think the unthinkable, yet to act within the limits of the realistically possible; it is the paradoxical hope to expect the Messiah every day, yet not to lose heart when he has not come at the appointed hour. This hope is not passive, and it is not patient; on the contrary, it is impatient and active, looking for every possibility of action within the realm of real possibilities. Least of all is it passive as far as the growth and the liberation of one’s own person are concerned.

And after making someone else read our work, this is the final test if we’re meant to be great writers

From a preface to Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby by Matthew J. Bruccoli:

Literary miracles are the work of writers who come closer than other writers to expressing what is in their minds through innate genius augmented by control, technique, craft.


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