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The Pseudo-Pregnant/Muslim Hippie Girl About Town

Being the hippie/boho/bag-lady/Mary Kate Olsen type of girl, people sometimes mistake me for being pregnant when I wear my usual combo of a breezy dress with skinny trousers.

I tend to think, “Uhm, I’ve worked very hard to get rid of my belly fat. Are you saying I still look fat?”

Hmm … can it be that only preggy girls are supposed to wear dresses over trousers?

There was also a time when someone thought I am Muslim, and asked why I was not wearing the head scarf. In thrift shops, I go down the row of modest-looking dresses with Muslim mothers shopping for their daughters.

Filipinas tend to not wear the stuff I wear. I understand that we all have our own fashion sense, but sometimes it can be funny how people interpret what you wear. Of course, I only encounter these comments in the less sophisticated ares of the city where most people  are not familiar with the less common fashion looks.

Oh Manila! Your women can be categorized into the following:

Cute: Korean fashionista wannabe with all the latest trends

Boring: tshirt, jeans, ballet flats, minimal or no accessories

Preppy: like the boring girl but with more expensive clothes

Vamp: the sex kitten with a thick layer of make-up

Pretty: the vamp with less make-up and more conservative clothes

The hippie/boho/bag-lady/Mary Kate Olsen type of girl is one in a million.


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