Thoughts on Women’s Month/Day

I say no to celebrating Women’s Month/Day.

This is unusual coming from a woman, but before all the grenades fly, I need to ask why there is no Men’s Month/Day?

The celebration of Women’s Month/Day still shows that women are the other as opposed to men who have, I suppose, always been the one. It is similar to calling women doctors or lawyers lady doctors or lady lawyers as opposed to men just being called doctors or lawyers.

Why is there a need to have a separate celebration for women? And if so, then why is there no specific celebration for men?

Admittedly, there are still a lot of inequalities between the men and women, and many of these issues are difficult to solve. I will not attempt to discuss or solve these issues here.

Is this the reason why we continue to celebrate Women’s Month/Day? If it is, then hurrah to all supporters. Still, if we aim to have fairness between the genders, then perhaps our goal should be to cease celebrating women’s day, to stop considering women as the other as compared to men.

Or else, could there be a Men’s Month/Day?  Or perhaps the men have always had advantages ever since the beginning of civilization that women’s month/day is a way to level the advantages.

What I am against is the celebration of women’s achievements as above the ordinary even if such achievements would be considered as ordinary or expected from the men. I still see this a lot of times in Filipino society resulting in some confusion as to how we ought to view women. Say, (just an example) when a policewoman arrests a notorious criminal, the comment of “Wow! Ang galing!” would not be unheard from some people meaning they are amazed that a woman was able to catch the criminal. If a man did this, the admiration would be less as if it is assumed that men are naturally capable of such achievements.

Hence, my point here is in a society like the Philippines where there still exists cultural ideas of how men and women should be, we ought to be very careful in our reasons why we celebrate Women’s Month/Day. It may be doing us more harm than good.



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