Tama na EDSA: Against Baron Buchokoy

I’m sure you’ve seen this video entitled “NINOY + PEOPLE POWER: Hidden Truths The MEDIA is NOT Telling Us!” And if you are not apathetic, you’re probably either amazed at the “truth” or skeptical. I say, this video should be taken with a grain of salt. It is fine to start with this video as your inspiration, but if you really want the truth, then there ought to be hard proofs from real, academic historical research.

It’s time we diminish the significance of the symbolism of EDSA, dismissing debates about what it really meant and who were really at fault. I think we ought to just move forward, focusing on the issues of the country and try to solve them as best as we can.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being sentimental about EDSA, feeling passionate about what it supposedly means. I myself would be passionate about it if I cared. I can be idiotically passionate about certain things like taking the trouble to drop by Alexander Pushkin’s monument in Lawton on Pushkin day to leave some flowers. However, it would not make sense for me to debate about whether Pushkin is the best poet or not. I’m not an historian or a student of literature. I’m a writer. I take where Pushkin and others have left off and try to write better than them. Not that I am saying I am definitely better than the masters of the past, but shouldn’t that be our goal if we are trying to achieve the best that we can achieve?

My point here is we Filipinos focus too much on the past and blame too many of our present sorrows on what happened then or what didn’t happen. I say we need to get over it. EDSA, whatever significance it has for us, be it a symbol of people-power or just an example of historical bullshit, should be left in the past and should be understood as such. If it is a symbol of greatness for us, then we should use it to inspire our lives. If it is a symbol of bullshit, then we should use it as an example of how not to go about things.

Filipinos are fond of historical heroes and events, talking about their potentials and blaming the past. But see, those heroes we keep talking about and honoring are dead. Our so-called potentials are still only potentials. And the past is always going to be the past. While it’s true that there is such a thing as hindsight, it is only valuable if we allow it to improve our present and help us make the correct decisions for the future.

So tama na EDSA. You have done your part. There’s no point in being burdened about whether the Cojuanco family really killed Ninoy or if Cory was really an incompetent housewife playing President or if Marcos wasn’t the real bad ass.

Some people might say it’s about trying to find the truth about the past. It’s our history. However, if the video is seriously about history, then it should at least be intellectually presented, not necessarily in a boring way like a PhD dissertation if the number of Youtube clicks is important, but at least there ought to be some kind of respect for the other side of the story, presenting both possibilities much like a History Channel documentary so at least intelligent people can decide for themselves.

This video is pure propaganda which seeks to influence people to believe its conclusions. But for what purpose? If the purpose is to destroy the Cojuancos, then this method is obviously not very effective. If the purpose is to show how the country is run by the rich and influential, then anyone who has a sense of what’s going on already knows that. If the purpose is to create more people who are angry at the Cojuanco-Aquino clan, maybe even the President, maybe all of the rich political families, then perhaps it has succeeded. But again, for what purpose? We are now angry. What’s the next step?

The next step is to not be angry, to think and to take those baby steps to help heal the country. But if I am correct in saying that the message of the video is to just be angry or at least be frustrated by our current situation because the media does not tell us everything, then what are we supposed to do?

I am not trying to say that we ought not to watch such videos, rather that we who publish our works online should be careful of the messages we post. I am sure that Baron Buchokoy has some idealistic goal in mind when s/he created this video, but if this generation is ever going to achieve something within its lifetime, we need more than emotions and passionate cries for whatever ideal we think is worth fighting for.

We must constantly ask these two questions: What do we want to happen? How are we going to realistically achieve this?

If you just want Youtube clicks, if you just want people being mad at the Cojuancos, or if you just want people talking about you, then Baron Buchokoy you’ve succeeded. But I want more than that because I sincerely believe that this generation is capable of more than propaganda if only it can get past the very Pinoy trait of being so emotional about things.


5 thoughts on “Tama na EDSA: Against Baron Buchokoy

  1. You’re an idiot Katrinarhoda. Your biased article doesn’t serve any good. You’re definitely one of the Filipinos who doesn’t care on how this country is doing.

    1. Now see, this is what I hate. People telling me I’m wrong but saying nothing to support their view. It’s SOOO easy for a soldier to say Hooah! and act hardcore, but that’s not what they’re supposed to be doing. They’re supposed to be actually doing the hardcore stuff even if nobody sees them doing it and even if they can’t actually brag about it afterwards.

  2. It’s not about being fixated about the past, it’s about understanding and knowing what to do to improve the present state our country (or our lives). Mr. Buchokoy’s intention is not to blame, but to educate. Being educated about the “true” accounts of our history empowers us, thus allowing us to be more capable of finding ways in solving our present problems. The same sickness still haunts our country today, and ignorance of this sickness would only mean that it will just progress to the next generation. The cycle goes on.

  3. i would have called this “Against Baron Buchukoy and everyone else who takes a stand about historical milestones” but that would be too long.
    i agree. lex prosicit, non respicit. even the law states that it should move forward and not backward. while rizal is correct in asserting that “ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makararating sa paroroonan”- too much looking behind to the past will not get anyone anywhere.

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