Date a girl who writes about things no one else can write about

You can date a girl who reads … or date a girl who writes.

Or better yet, date a girl who writes about things no one else can write about either because they have never thought about such topics or because they would never dare voice out such controversial views. A girl who writes about things no one else can write about will have no interest in repeating the achievements of others like the love stories of pop literature or the weird E.E. Cummings type of poetry which everyone pretends to understand so as to not seem as if they are stupid, or even – and she would rather die than do this – the angry aktibista student type of highfalutin, self-righteous leftist literature which talks about justice and democracy and a better life for all in socialist regimes. To do that is to do the expected, and she is the kind who wants to do more.
Date a girl who writes about the controversial, of the things which many people would rather not think about, or if they have thought about it they would rather not voice it out. Most people will be afraid to be ostracized, but she has already accepted early in life that either she will be true to herself and be snubbed – sometimes even beaten down for the nasty things she unearths – or be accepted yet be internally tortured for going against her nature.
You will find that she will in turn try to uncover your nasty secrets bit by bit until it reaches that very nasty secret hidden in your very core which she will show to your face and which she will destroy despite your pleas. You will be shaken. You will experience more life-changing realizations about yourself, other people and the world from the time you started being with her than before you met her. And sometimes you will ask yourself why you subject yourself to that kind of torture, but then you will realize that every time your core is shaken you are the better person for it. This will be the foundation of your addiction to her sting, which some people will find hard to understand.
But she will only do this if you deserve it. She will have no patience with people she knows will never change, or whose lives will never have a profound effect on anything. She’s too busy – busier than  the girl who writes of the general subjects, the girl who blogs and the girl who reads. She’s too busy uncovering her own nasty truths in addition to the world’s. She uncovers you because she sees the potential in you, and if ever she is mistaken she will drop your acquaintance and never return. All you will ever hear from her if you are lucky enough to catch her again is a pathetic excuse which will probably result in you despising her as the type of woman one ought not to marry.
Date a girl who writes of the shunned things not because you deserve to date such a girl, but because you are worthy of her. People will always deserve what is good for them, assuming by default that they are naturally good, but only the worthy will be able to withstand the storms you will encounter in dating a girl who writes of the controversial.
Men who seek good, exciting but relatively normal lives of food-tripping and Shakespeare quotes and ecstasies over Moleskine notebooks will be snubbed by this girl. You must be prepared to have more than quirky children with weird names, the occasional trip to an obscure restaurant and the sudden plans to go to a secluded island. Instead, you must be prepared to have your children be made into the best achievers they can be, to occasionally go to Senate hearings without any decent sleep for a just cause and the sudden plans to experience how it is to shoot all kinds of guns for that weird, weird novel she has in mind.
Oh yes, date a girl who writes of the unspoken things because if you can do this, considering that she is not at all easily impressed, considering the maddening effect she has on your soul, considering the way she can sometimes destroy things you were perfectly happy with only for you to realize it is for the better, then you will know that you can do anything. Indeed you will do everything because if you do not, she will be right there beside you with a frown on her face and you know what’s coming – that strong slap of the truth that you have turned into a sissy, and she … well, she will turn away and be gone.

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